Sunday, April 20, 2008

Clear skies in Ketchikan

The past few days have been absolutely beautiful. Today is day 3 of clear skies which has not been like this since I've been here (at least it feels like it). Supposedly its going to be clear for a couple of more days. Yeah!! This weekend I did a couple of short hikes and had a BBQ with some co-workers. Its been a very nice and relaxing weekend. These pictures is of the moon reflecting off the water and the other one is of an eagle. Eagles are everywhere! Wild life here is amazing!


Melanie said...

I guess you really have to appreciate nature when you live in Alaska. It's very cool.

Seesa said...

How fun would it be to be a traveler and be able to see all the cool places you have seen! I am super envious!

La negra said...

How rude of you to take the cool pictures I wish I could be taking!!! Da nerve!!! IT's all good tho!